1959 Renault Estafette 1/43 miniature

Official 1959 Renault Estafette miniature. Renault Estafette was a van manufactured by Renault from October 1959 to 1980. It was the first front-wheel drive vehicle launched by the company. In 1953, Renault’s design office wanted to repaint the entire back of the 4CV and the future Dauphine. A very young engineer by the name of Guy Grosset-Grange suggested using front-wheel drive as had already been done by Peugeot with the D3/D4 and especially by Citroën with the Type H. In fact, certain details of its design (three-part rear door, sliding side door) suggest that it was inspired by Type H’s success, which reigned as the absolute master in this segment.
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  • IN DETAIL - material: zamak.
    - colour: blue.
    - scale: 1/43.
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