Miniature Renault Mute The Hot Rod 2023 1:43

Official miniature of the Renault Mute The Hot Rod 2023.
The electric resurrection of a legend.
In the 20s and 30s, the speed records were all the rage in Europe. Renault was not left behind, applying a common recipe: take a production car, lighten it as much as possible, optimise its engine and... head to the track! In the 1940s, young Americans eager for thrills took the same approach and invented hot rodding.
So Mute The Hot Rod takes over the original recipe of a car stripped of all superfluous things.
This 100% electric machine is based on elements from a Renault 6CV MT dating from 1924. The chassis has been reinforced to accommodate a rear-wheel drive Trafic gearbox coupled to a driveshaft and a Renault 12 4x4 rear axle. At the front, there is a 1932 Renault KZ10 Primaquatre axle fitted with gas-filled shock absorbers, while the rear axle is free of any suspension! The car is based on 15 diameter rims at the front and 400 diameter rims at the rear and is borrowed from a Renault Frégate.
  • shipment within 7 days
  • secure payment
  • genuine Renault accessories


  • IN DETAIL - material: zamak.
    - colour: blue.
    - scale: 1/43.
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