Renault Mute the Hot Rod skateboard deck

A unique collaboration between the automotive world and skateboard fans that flips, bangs, makes noise and sometimes scares you. Genuine art of living between sport and creativity, it makes you feel alive and free.
This mini-series was devised by Renault’s design team.
The manufacturing, forming of elements, adjusting and assembly of the skateboards was carried out in France by a board sports specialist and expert craftsperson.
Each element is styled through a handcrafted and eco-responsible small-production process, respecting quality and top-notch work.

Made-to-order. Shipping within 2 weeks.
ref. : ETE9999258
  • shipment within 7 days
  • secure payment
  • genuine Renault accessories


  • IN DETAIL - 8.25 x 32-inch “shape street” type deck, manufactured from FCE certified top-quality 7-ply Canadian Maple wood.
    - solvent-free high-definition heat transfer customised decoration.
    - printed with a selective matt and glossy finish.
    - The Originals by Renault logo laser engraved.
    - piece-by-piece assembly and inspection for MADE IN FRANCE quality.
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