Mobilize x Le D. Skateboard Cruiser

At the crossroads between the automotive world and skateboard enthusiasts: a cruiser for your urban adventures designed by French street artist Le D. Look for his signature, it’s well hidden … Le D. can be found in several places. The manufacture, shaping of the elements, fitting and assembly of the skateboards were done in France by a specialist craftsman and expert in board sports. Each element is shaped through an artisanal and eco-responsible limited edition process, ensuring quality and excellent workmanship.
ref. : ETE9998701
  • shipment within 7 days
  • secure payment
  • genuine Renault accessories


  • IN DETAIL - 8.25 x 32 inch "shape cruiser" type board, made from 7-ply FCE-certified superior quality Canadian Maple.
    - solvent-free high-definition heat transfer customised decoration.
    - printed with a selective matt and gloss finish.
    - professional quality urethane wheels, 60 mm diameter.
    - “premium” quality forged aluminium Arkaïc ® trucks, made lighter with 5.5-inch hollow axles (hollow axle/kingpin).
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