Surf Renault 5 Maori

An exceptional fusion between the world of cars and the world of surfing to celebrate the launch of the electric Renault R5. This surf scheme embodies the spirit of adventure, freedom and innovation, while emphasising an active lifestyle that respects the environment. Designed and built by the Shapers Club in La Rochelle, this model is part of a French quality craftsmanship approach. Each board is individually assembled and inspected to ensure impeccable MADE IN FRANCE quality. They are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with modern innovations for a unique surfing experience.
This collaboration between Renault and the Shapers Club highlights their shared commitment to innovation, quality and respect for French expertise.
The Renault R5 Electric surfboard is more than just a board: it is an invitation to glide into the future, in harmony with our values and aspirations.

Made to measure. Shipping within 4 weeks.
ref. : ETE9998651
  • shipment within 7 days
  • secure payment
  • genuine Renault accessories


  • IN DETAIL - dimensions: 7'4" x 22" x 2.8" (224 x 56 x 7.1 cm) for a volume of 49L, suitable for surfers of all sizes or those looking for more comfort and stability.
    - Inspired by UWL's iconic 7'4" model, this board features an evolutionary design with a Thumb Tail for enhanced manoeuvrability and a sleek, high-performance silhouette.
    - a traditional construction in polyurethane foam and polyester resin, guaranteeing durability and responsiveness.
    - sophisticated gloss finish with the Future performer thruster fin system, for optimum glide and top-level performance.
    - Renault logo applied with precision, underlining the exclusivity and authenticity of this limited edition.
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