1925 Type NN Torpedo 1/43

Official 1925 Renault Type NN Torpedo miniature. In 1925, the 6CV model split into two series: the Type MT and the more ambitious Type NN with a wheelbase extended by 20 centimetres to allow for more spacious bodywork. Under this long canvas top with wood beams, the atmosphere of the roaring twenties was alive and well... The working class could finally begin to dream of becoming motorists.
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  • genuine Renault accessories


  • IN DETAIL - material: zamak.
    - colour: beige.
    - scale: 1/43.
  • COMPOSITION - miniature collector’s model.
    - ages 14 and up.



New Logo

The diamond, iconic symbol of Renault since 1925, is having its "Renaulution". A new, strong and powerful logo inspired by a very "New Wave" catalogue..


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